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Japanese Greeting
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia

I saw the Japanese Greeting on the Internet, here it is again with little changes -KONNICHIWA
Hands in prayer position, bending a little forward, back bent, head bent (because they are very respectful and sometimes shy), while head is slighty forward, eyes looking up, into each others eyes........KONNISHI
moving forward, taking little geisha steps, and then as you reach each other,your hands reach up to to the sky and then you finish the greeting with WA, (..with lots of laughter )- you could even clap each others hands when reach the centre of the circle or each
The two Japanese Greetings are ; Konnichiwa and Konbanwa..............so you can use either of these...
The Australian Laugh, is Thumb up and saying G'Day Mate and a deep aussie Laugh
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