The New and Improved Laughter Yoga Prozone

Laughter Yoga Prozone is a premium membership program dedicated for continuing education for Laughter Yoga Professionals. It is dedicated to improve knowledge and skills and a way to stay current with new concepts and programs of Laughter Yoga including, laughter exercises, techniques, business tips, training tips, articles on scientific research. It is also a way to connect to the news about the Laughter Yoga Foundation and the Laughter Yoga International University. Use your membership to maximize your potential in the growing new fields of Laughter Yoga’s different areas of application, such as social laughter clubs, seniors, schools, corporate, and special needs. Dr. Kataria is dedicated to help and support you with new value added Prozone programs:

Monthly Prozone Newsletter, now in different languages

  • New Exercise Videos
  • Personalized marketing materials
  • Research documents
  • New Programs

Now we are engaged in developing more programs in the following areas:

  • Emotional Intelligence through Laughter
  • Laughter Yoga Coaching and Mentoring
  • Laughter Yoga Corporate Programs
  • Laughter Yoga for School and Colleges
  • Singing and Laughing in a group
  • Dancing and laughing programs
  • Developing promotional materials for Laughter Professionals
  • Flyers, E-Flyers, Brochures, E-Brochures, Manuals, Research Documents and new videos in different areas of application

Our main objective is to create systems, standard and support for Laughter Yoga Professionals around the world so that they can deliver their programs more efficiently.

Value Added Services

We are enhancing several value added services for Prozone members. With the help of our designers at Laughter Yoga International University we offer complimentary design services for you in the following:

  • Your business card
  • General Basic Learning Course Flyer
  • Training Flyer
  • Corporate Flyer
  • E-Flyer / E-Brochure

You supply us with the text information and your professional photograph and we do the rest. Any artwork and design requested beyond this will be chargeable.

For your professional development:

Website Benefits:Our language websites are now active and you can post your details, trainings and profile page in English. The languages include Japanese, German, French, Italian and Spanish

Newsletter:We will soon begin our Prozone newsletters in these different languages.

More Exposure for you:With the new improved website design and with SEO support the traffic on our website is increasing rapidly. If you have your profile page, trainings and events on the website you will increase your value from your membership.

Promote yourself with a Blog:To all Prozone members, we offer Laughter Yoga blogs which will draw much more traffic to your articles. People can find your profile easier as it will be added to the top of your blog. Have a look at an example.

An Exclusive Facebook Prozone Group


Gain access to an exclusive private group of Laughter Yoga on Facebook. The community is highly interactive and where people share knowledge, skills, videos and other documents on daily basis.

You will meet new friends, be inspired and learn so much.

  • Exclusive Community
  • Meet Other Members
  • Gain Knowledge
  • Share Ideas


Here are other subscription options:

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