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Laughter Yoga For North Olmsted Senior Center, Ohio

With rapid rise in popularity, Laughter Yoga is about to make its North Olmsted Senior Center debut on January 22, 2019, at the Lorain Road venue. The session will be conducted by certified Laughter Yoga instructor Karen McPherson. Laughter Yoga is an ideal exercise for the elderly, as it allows […]

Laughter Helps To Age Well

A recent report by Patricia Harrington, an executive director at Westford Nursing Home in Port Elgin, reaffirms that laughter is a great tool that helps older population in aging well. It is an exercise that is good for us, improves our immune system, reduces stress through releasing hormones, and just […]

Age Old “Laughing Ritual” At Hiraoka Shrine In Osaka

Recently, I came across an interesting live video broadcast on Facebook. It was about an unusual “Laughing ritual” practiced in Japan. Every year on 23rd December, about 3000 people get together and laugh for no reason for 20 minutes, to commemorate the birthday of Japanese emperor. It is age old […]

A Research Study Comparing Laughter Yoga With Spontaneous Laughter

This is a very important study published this year in the journal, “Complimentary Therapy with Medicine”. Conducted at the University Of Auckland, New Zealand, the researchers took 72 participants and placed them in three groups. One did laughter exercises, the other watched humorous videos and the third was the control […]

“Laugh And Shake” Your Grief Away!

After years of heading Pinoy Laughter Yoga (PLY) Paolo Trinidad, finally realized how to provide solace to people facing enormous grief. Working with survivors of flood, disease and drugs, he found a universal way to evoke laughter in their lives, through breathing exercises, facial expressions and chants. Trinidad combined “shaking […]

Download PowerPoint Presentation on Science of Breathing

This is a great PPT presentation on the science of breathing, which can be used during your trainings and seminars. It shows how prolonged laughter can increase oxygen levels in the body and brain and also the different types of lung capacities. Earlier, you must have seen the pdf file, […]

Laughter Types and Health Benefits

Several kinds of laughter have been identified depending on various parameters and different fields of scientific research. From a medical and therapeutic point of view, five large groups can be summarized as: Genuine or spontaneous laughter Self-induced simulated laughter Stimulated laughter Induced laughter Pathological laughter 1. Spontaneous Laughter Spontaneous laughter, […]

One Minute Laughter For World Peace At The Opening Of 2020 Tokyo Olympics

We humbly request you to sign a petition addressed to the President of International Olympic Committee and the Chairman, Japan Olympic Committee, requesting to introduce one minute of laughter at the opening ceremony of 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We need to take one million signatures as soon as possible. Let us […]

PowerPoint Downloads For German Research

A German scientist did a comparative study between Laughter Yoga exercises, abdominal crunches and back lifting exercises. One of the most important muscle in the abdominal wall is Obliquus internus abdominis, which gives stability to the back muscles. Surprisingly, no other exercise was as effective as Laughter Yoga to strengthen […]

Laughter During Chemotherapy In Turkey

Laughter Yoga has recently been introduced among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in Istanbul, Turkey. In this video you can watch one of Eser Mutlu’s laughter leader Güler performing a laughter session every day at the hospital, while patients are receiving chemotherapy. Click here to see video.

Laughter Yoga In Abu Dhabi

According to a recent report, Laughter Yoga is fast catching on in Abu Dhabi. Laughter sessions are being held at a beautiful yoga studio inside the Royal Stables, where people gather to laugh together for complete wellness. As Laughter Yoga is visually contagious; the practice simulates laughing techniques interspersed with […]

Power Points on US Study

Click Here to download the Document.