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Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:46:09
In tuit ion... tuition from the inside (knowledge from the inside). Nearly two years ago, I was forced to change my life, I had no choice.
I cant go in to it to detail because there are others involved. Every part of my life changed, where I lived, how I lived, my clothes and even my Laughter Club, because I couldnt live in that area anymore, I had to hand my club over to the people I had previously trained. When people go thru floods or fires, there are others in the community effected and there is group help and group support. However when an individual loses everything, the awareness of others is different. So when this happened to me, of course I was in shock, I was lucky I had my adult son and good friends to support me.
My belief system was really tested, I was extremely fortunate that I had been practising Laughter Yoga for more than 7 years, so I realised the importance to get myself back into Joy and Laughter, even if for only for brief periods of time. I also had learned about the power of positive affirmations. I have also been meditator over 20 years of time but over the past couple of years I have found meditation hard to get back into, but Laughter never leaves, as I have really trained myself to laugh naturally like a child, even in the midst of emotional trauma, it has been amazing. When at times I could not laugh alone,I would play with my sons dog and end up laughing, or watch a comedy or go to see a comedian.
I have also spent more time alone, than any other time in my life. I have had meals alone in restaurants, gone to the movies alone, to festivals alone. The lists continues. All of this has made me a much stronger person. I also took care of lots of animals, that was a blessing as well.
Also the most amazing thing that has come out of these challenges and time alone, is, that my intuition and inspiration has strengthened immensly. Even at times in my life where I meditated regularly did I feel as in tune as I am now. I really believe that the combination of Laughter, Joy, living in this moment of now, really deciding to Respect myself and enjoy being alone, has connected me to all the answers for my life, which have always been within me.
Thats what all the Great beings have always said, that all the answers to all the questions are within us. Thats what intuition is. We just have to sit and be still regularly enough without alcohol or drugs to hear, to listen to what our own Soul (or higher self) is telling us, and to learn to trust.
Be Still and Know that I am God. (God is within you, thats where the answers come from)
The other thing that I do on a daily basis, is I practise Gratitude.
My choice is to have Gratitude for every single thing that I remember that I have experienced during the day and also every person that I shared any time with, I have gratitude for even the challenges because they make me strong. I do this just before sleep every night, some others choose to do it in the morning.
I believe, that when we appreciate what we have now, even if its only that we have two arms and two legs, and we can eat, walk and talk. There is always something to be thankful for. When we give thanks, more comes to us, if we keep feeling sorry for what we havnt got, we can lose more.
Happiness does not come from 'having things', Happiness comes from just being, and enjoying each moment. Its not at the end of anything, or from getting but just simply being.
Thats what I have learned, to slow down, to laugh, and to enjoy just being ME..I am all I need to be Happy right now. Since I came to this realisation, my life is a Joy and Miracles happen on a daily basis.
I dont own much at all, proof of what I have written above.
Love, Laugh, Joy, Peace, Breath is all we absolutely need and when we realise this, everything else comes to us easily and effortlessly.
So please try it now, take a big deep breath, in thru your nose and hold for a few seconds and then slowly exhale. Repeat a few times, and then just sit still in peace and quiet. Even a moment of this will make a difference. Laugh as regularly as possible, join a laughter club, watch less drama, less news, try being completely alone and if you are alone all the time, do the opposite. If you want something different, you need to do something different often.
Your Life, your Choice. Your Responsibility. Good Luck with it.
Decide to En Joy yourself. Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha