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Inspiration and joy
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:38:44
I just finished two Laughter sessions at a repeat booking for a Council Celebration function, every person that attended both sessions were very animated and talkative over the break, I received lots of good feed back, one man saying that the Laughter session was the high light of his day = the best comment was a lady telling me that something I said the year before had inspired her to remember it and use it to change her life and it had.
She reminded me of what I had said ¨in any moment we have'a choice to believe what our mind is telling us, or to decide in that moment that 'I dont have to believe that anymore, or I choose not to feel this anymore, we have a thought before a feeling, and alot of what is going on in our mind we learned from our childhood - it is old programming, just like an old programme on a computer and at any time we can choose to delete that old program and begin a new one - Laughter helps with that , Laughter Yoga and natural laughter on a regular basis helps us to program Joy into our entire life. She said she had chosen to make that part of her life, and it had worked for her.
Everything we do on a regular basis is accumulative, negative habits and behaviour (including negative fearful thinking) cause a negative result and positive behaviour and thinking gives you a positive results. To change into a more positive person to have a positive more Happy Joyful Life we need to make being, thinking, behaving, believing in a positive way and living a habit, meaning we have to do it long enough to become an easy habit. It has been proven that it takes around 40 days to make something a habit, so if we decide to change our thinking and behaviour for the first 40 days, and then keep going it will become part of who we are. However, choosing and wanting to become aware is the very first step.
I have been living Laughter Yoga for seven years, I have always loved to give, to help, to be thoughtful, to laugh,to share. Joyfulness has become a major part of who I am, I have learned recently through going though a traumatic event, that I still suffer, I still have emotional pain, I still have to grieve, I still have worries, however the huge difference is. I can still Laugh, I still go back to child like Joy very fast, I still have gratitude for every little thing every single day, I still love and appreciate Life but things matter to me less, no thing can make me Happy. I have also realised personally that I can experience joy without being happy, we all can.
I have learned through my own personal experience that natural Laughter and Laughter Yoga is NOT about denying any natural emotion, because we still have and need to experience all of them but it is about getting back to our natural Joyful state as soon as possible, that is Who We Are...we all deserve to experience Joy, to express Joy to each other but mostly we need to experience Joy through Laughter every day, for me Joy experienced through laughter connects me to the DIvine in me, around me and to every little thing. Since I have realized what Joy is, I feel a beautiful connectedness to nature and especially animals, I have no fear of them all, and they of me.
I feel very blessed to have all this new awareness, and I pray that all of you can also experience Joy through Laughter. I must say that after working with Laughter Yoga for seven years, I laugh every day, very easily and naturally, while playing with animals, while watching birds or children or watching comedies. On that subject when watching comedies, it has happened a few times now, that I have been thanked for being in the audience because of my laugh. Oh what a compliment, sometimes people in the audience have also thanked me cause they were laughing at my laugh, they said it was contagious. I dont care as long as people laugh, thats the main thing.
Please remember, You are the only one that hear your thoughts (your programming), so YOU are the only one that can choose to change it...and then Laugh out Loud....Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha
Good Luck with it all,
Love Joy and Laughs