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Indian Laughter Yoga Conference 2009The "All India Laughter Yoga Conference LAFF-2009" was a tremendous success with over 500 participants from various Laughter Clubs all over the country and abroad. The 3-day conference held at Sri Jagadguru Renukacharya College, in Bangalore, started on Dec.4 and concluded on Dec.6, 2009.

The first day saw a warm welcome to all the participants with an introduction of Laughter Groups. It was a delight to the eyes to see some Laughter groups dressed in the traditional attire of their regions. There were large contingents from various parts of India from Hyderabad, Thrissur and Palakkad in Kerala, Mumbai, Chandrapur, Navi Mumbai, Ichalkaranji, Sangli, Kolhapur, Nasik, Raigad, Thane in Maharashtra, Raipur in Chattisgarh, Chandigarh, Orissa, Shimoga, Chitradurga, Hubli and Bangalore in Karnataka.

Sri B.K. Satyanarayana, the doyen of Laughter Clubs in Bangalore, gave the inaugural address. Prof. Sadashiva and Sri B.P. Hirani were the other main speakers. Co-founder of Laughter Yoga International, Madhuri Kataria and Dr. Kataria rendered the Keynote Address in Hindi and English respectively. All the Laughter Club members enjoyed a memorable evening of fun and frolic, music and dance, on the inaugural day. The evening came in a hue of colours with song and dance, local cultural programmes presented mainly by Laughter Club members from Bangalore.

The second day saw presentation by Laughter Leaders from India on Laughter Yoga. The highlight of the second day was the video presentation followed by training of dozens of new Laughter Exercises by Founder of Laughter Yoga Movement, Dr Madan Kataria. Three international Laughter Yoga Teachers – Jorge from Mexico, Elina Pappa from Cyprus and Doreen from Canada made presentations on Laughter Yoga in their respective countries.

The concluding day started with an Open House when Dr. Kataria answered queries by the participants. Dr. Kataria revealed the new trends in Laughter, like how to laugh without actually laughing, The Mind Sound Resonance Technique. Dr. Kataria gave detailed information on the upcoming Laughter Yoga University in Bangalore.

The conference ended with the sharing of personal experiences in Laughter Yoga by Laughter Club members. They mainly spoke about the health benefits derived from Laughter Yoga in diabetes, loss of hair, obesity, brain haemorrhage, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, paralysis, depression and the like. Some enthusiastic Laughter Yoga members also demonstrated Laughter exercises they had themselves devised.

Most speakers paid gratitude to the Founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Kataria and the Co-founder, Madhuri Kataria for giving the world a new way of life – with Laughter practised by Laughter Exercises. This is a boon to seniors who are usually troubled with health issues with advancing age.

One speaker called Dr. Madan Kataria a “human wonder”, for enabling people to live life without medication. Dr. Kataria, being a well qualified physician, has been advocating laughter as the best medicine. Indeed Laughter every day keeps a doctor away!

Photo Slideshow of All India Laughter Yoga Conference 2009