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Chaplain Stephen Findley


The overall mortality rate from cancer hasn't changed in 60 years despite the billions invested to find a cure. There's hardly a family in America that has not been affected by this dread disease. You may have lost a family member, a friend, a significant other, or a colleague at work. There's much that can be done to prevent and/or cure cancer. Medical Doctor and researcher, Lynne Eldridge tells us that research shows that 80 to 95% of cancers are environmentally caused. She points out, "Right now we are spending 25% more than any other country on the planet in healthcare. We are number 42 in life expectancy. Even if we were spending 300% more, does that mean we are going to get there?... We are disease oriented here instead of wellness oriented." Avoiding and/or preventing cancer as well as fostering optimal health serves as the focus for this conversation.
Lynne Eldridge graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School with prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha honors. She completed her residency through the University of Minnesota with time spent in Hawaii studying human exposure to pesticides. Dr. Eldridge practiced family medicine with a passionate emphasis on prevention for over 15 years in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, before devoting herself full time to researching and speaking internationally on cancer prevention and nutrition. She's the author of Avoiding Cancer One Day at a Time: Practical Advice for Preventing Cancer (Beaver's Pond Press 2007). To learn more about the work of Lynne Eldridge go to www.avoidcancernow.com

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:
Why eating a wide variety of foods is good for you
Why prevention rather than cure is important
What are the effects of hormone treated meats
What is the relationship of cancer to heart disease
What is the correlation of one's spiritual life and cancer prevention
What are some super foods that keep us healthy

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