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If you want change in your life
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:11:32
INSANITY is when we do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome.
Albert Einstein.
Some more inspiration from Carolyn
If we were working in a manufacturing plant, and doing the same thing over and over again, we would not be surprised to get the same thing at the end of the day, as matter of fact, that is exactly what we are supposed to do, that is our job, so why do we get a surprise when it happens in our life.
So if YOU want to have a different outcome or a different future, guess what? you are responsible, there is no use waiting for someone else to make it happen, you have to do, think, and be determined to be that difference right here, right now. We have to choose to be the change we want to receive in our life. We can choose not to react, in the old habitually way, we can choose to stop, to take a deep breathe, and be responsible for the next thoughts we have and words we express. When we take responsibility for our thoughts first, (by observing) we then can become responsible for what we feel, because we have thoughts before we have feelings.
Thoughts create feelings. Then we become more aware of what is going on in our head we can then become more aware of what is happening in our heart.
As we begin to change, by becoming more aware, our life begins to change. What we focus in our life, we help to grow (like water on plants). So please do not focus on any negatives in your life, make a choice right now, to only focus on the positives you have in your life, give Thanks for all you have right now. Live in the present moment, do not worry about the future, let go of the past. What you focus on really does expand, if you do not believe this, just think about what you have focused on in your past, and now look what you have in your life. Is it true??
So bless the negatives you have been dwelling on, and now release and let them go.
All the things we see as negatives, (worries, problems, relationships, etc) are a blessings, an opportunity for growth, our own personal growth. So choose to let them go right here and right now, thank them for the lessons and believe them to be gone.
Now surrender to life, to Love and Laugh, Laugh, Laugh.........The more you Laugh, the more you Love...the more you feel Love and surrender to love right now, the more Happiness, and Joy in your future because what you focus on right now, the present moment, is exactly what you will receive in the future..
Stop yourself every now and again.....catch your thoughts.....and ask yourself
Do I want this thought to be my future????? No.??.. well then..you know what to do...
Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha - remember 'fake til you make it'
Smiles and giggles galore,