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7I was teaching to a wonderful group of Laughter Yoga Teachers last week in Kingston Ontario. I was sharing with them that the more we're paying attention to what's laughing around us, the more we actually SEE opportunities to laugh more every single day!
The day after I came back home, I had an appointment with a healer - don't ask me exactly what she's doing. I have NO idea! Just know it's a kind of physiotherapy... that has to do with your physical structure. Or som'thin' like that.

Anyway, she started to work on my feet and then moved on on my legs. And this is when I started to laugh! Really hard and loud - couldn't stop! She was putting some pressure on my legs with a rythm... Yeah! You're right! OUR Laughter Yoga rythm! HO HO HAHAHA! I burst out laughing and she stopped what she was doing. I had to explain to her why I was laughing - she was saying something else in her head to keep the rythm actually - but you know what I realized right there - flat on my stomach, having a healing treatment? Well, I had an epiphany!Once again!

You know that movie with Kevin Costner and the baseball players in the corn field? He was hearing a voice whispering "If you build it they will come"...

I tell you (and I can whisper it in your ears if you need it!) If you ask for it, it will come! Laughter and joy come to you when you ask for it!

Ok here's the challenge.

Pay attention to everything that's being put on your path. SEE what's maybe not obvious for everybody but that's SO RIGHT THERE for you to see!

You see this picture here? I took it while I was crossing a crowded street in Montreal. Nobody paid attention to it but I SAW IT! And it made me feel happy!

Are you up for this very important challenge?! Look around, Listen carefully, Feel with passion...

You will SEE, FEEL and HEAR loooooooooots of joy and laughter around you and within you!

And THAT'S a fact! haha!

Love and laughter

Your HAHA Sister