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I believe...
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia 

When nature is left alone by humans, everything remains in balance, I believe one of our lessons in life is to find out where we are 'out of balance' in our own life. Some of us are givers and some are takers, some of us are carers and some of us just want to be cared for, some of us are 'natural laughers' and some seem to get stuck in depression and sadness more often. Some of us are motivated and energetic, and others are slow moving, have slow metababolism and can be lazy. I believe our life can change when we can find our own unique balance. I also believe that the word emotion, means = energy in motion, emotions felt and expressed naturally. It is when, what we consider negative emotions,(sadness, anger, guilt) are not expressed at the appropriate time and to the correct people, in a natural flowing way,this energy gets stuck in the body, then builds up and over time then may cause digestive problems, arthritis, cancer and so on.
I feel and believe,through my own experience, Laughter Yoga is the perfect way to move this old energy that may have been stuck in our bodys for years. Exercise can do this too, but for me its Laughter Yoga, because it also connects us to our natural joyful state, keeps in in the present moment, connects us to others with Love and Peace but most of all, it connects me to my own uniqueness, Laughter Yoga and the joy of laughing lots more in my every day lfe, reminds me that the best things in life are free, we can decide to be Happy, in any moment.
So in my own work with Laughter Yoga, I talk about getting that old stuck energy moving through our bodies, with our fun movements and Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha and deep Yoga breathing to fill our bodies with fresh oxygen, it is not long before there is a lot of spontaneuos joyful natural laughing filling the room or park.
In the past five years, I am constantly filled with Love. Joy and satisfaction ,when people come up to me after my sessions telling me how good they feel, less pain, less stress and lots more Joy and Happiness in their bodies, and minds.
So back to where I started, so, I do believe that life is about finding a balance 'to what we believe' is who we are , a balance between doing and not doing, socialising and being quite and alone, a balance between surrounded by noice and meditation, I am now reminded of a saying I read somewhere, if you keep doing what you have always done, you will always get what you have right now.....so.....if you want something different, you have to think, do, and be something different...so do it now.....Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha.. and get on with it.....find your own balance .....and remember to laugh and smile often.

With Love, Joy and giggles to you all,
Carolyn Nicholson
Larfter Lady