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How to earn back all the cost of your Laughter Yoga Teacher education 

and lay the foundation for your career in the field of therapeutic laughter
in less than a year
Jeffrey Briar
CLYT (2005), Master Trainer for the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga (2010)Steps numbers 1 through seven are all done at the same time, starting immediately.
1.    Live Laughter!  Do a session of prolonged unconditional laughter every day - to feel and exemplify the health benefits of Laughter Yoga.  This means at least 15 minutes of laughter in one session, occurring daily.  The ideal way to do this is at a Laughter Club – the one(s) you found, or others’.
2.    Read the article on “Writing Press Releases which Actually Get Published” (free pdf download athttp://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Laugh4Health).
3.    Start a free Laughter Club which meets at least once per week (better would be 3, 5, or even 7 times per week).  You’ll want the Club to begin meeting at least six months prior to your first scheduled Leader Training.  This club must be at no charge (other than actual expenses, such as facility rental, which would be shared evenly by all participants) - donations may be gently requested.  You may find that many of your first Leader Trainees will be people who have been attending your free Laughter Club – and who have witnessed how Living Laughter has changed your life.
4.    Schedule two Leader Trainings, at least 3 months apart.  (Example:  if you graduate from your Teacher Training in January, schedule a Leader Training in July and another in October.)
5.    Present free Public Awareness Seminars (“Introduction to Laughter Yoga”) t least one every month, even if only in a friend’s living room or at a neighborhood community center.  At the seminars invite people to come to your free, currently-meeting Laughter Club (as well as to the future Leader Trainings).  Giving presentations, even if there are only two or three people in attendance, will help you to comfortably memorize the information to share, and you will have more confidence with the material.  Thus you will find it easier to give interviews to the press, appear on talk shows, chat with Oprah, etc.
6.    Assemble an e-mail Media List.  Gather this data by obtaining copies of all your local newspapers, community papers, neighborhood publications – no matter how small.  There will always be a page ”How to Contact Us.”  Copy the e-mail addresses for the Editor, Calendar Editor, Health/Sports sections, and any related contacts.
a.    Send Press Releases (written to meet the standards of the .pdf article from item #2 above) to your Media List EVERY TWO OR THREE WEEKS (even more often if a special event occurs, such as you being invited to give a presentation for a Community Service Organization  - Kiwanis, Rotary, etc. - or at a Conference).
b.    Press Releases about your regularly-meeting Laughter Club need to be altered slightly each time to give a feeling of there being something “new.”  Examples:  “Laughter Club welcomes children of all ages from 9 to 90,” later “Senior Laughter Club members report improved sleeping patterns,” next “Fewer colds reported as a result of laughter workout,” etc.
c.    Eight weeks prior to your first Leader Training, send Press Releases announcing the Training.  Keep sending Releases (slightly rewritten) every two weeks.
d.    After your Leader Training, send a Press Release announcing the successful completion of that Leader Training!

e.    Eight weeks prior to your second Leader Training, repeat (c.) and (d.) as above

7.    Actively announce and market the Club, and the Leader Trainings, as part of your frequent activity in every Laughter-related opportunity, such as:  Laughter Yoga International’s Prozone, Facebook pages (Prozone and your own and your friends’ and colleagues’ pages), the Laugh4Health yahoogroup (available at no cost at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Laugh4Health/, Twitter, etc.). Also talk about your club and programs whenever possible: at the market,in the bookstore, at schol and church, etc.

8.    Charge a fee for the Leader Training, the standard fee being $295.  You may offer some discounts and scholarships if you wish, such as a reduced fee for students or retired/unemployed persons; or a full scholarship in exchange for someone providing the venue for the training – whether that venue is their living room, their yoga studio, a room in the health clinic here they work, etc.
Once you have 8 registrants:  at an average tuition of $250 per student you would receive $2,000.This would be more than all your Laughter Yoga education and training fees to date!
You will have also established yourself in your community as a source for therapeutic laughter training and public presentations (for which you can often receive attractive speaker’s fees).

That’s pretty much how it worked for yours truly...

...Jeffrey Briar
who represented Laughter Yoga on
Dancing with the Stars, CNN-TV with Sanjay Gupta,
the Oprah Winfrey Show, Geraldo at Large
and many other media appearances...
…but he sent out a lot of Press Releases before the first one appeared
in his local community “throwaway” newspaper.
www.LYInstitute.org JBriar@LYInstitute.org