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“I’m not very good at self promotion”. This is a consistent message that I get from folks who are either not getting enough business, or don’t know what to do with the business they have got. The usual thing that people say is “Well from a very early age we’re told not to brag and show off”. So when we have to at a later stage of life then we’re not very good at it. This is of course total rubbish. The problem is that we simply don’t know what to say.

For years now I’ve been following a tried and tested process to help people (and myself) to develop a Killer BIO. It’s a systematic approach that leaves the (potential) client saying WOW! Your Killer BIO is a single page that tells your market how awesome you are, but in an authentic way. It has to be full of amazing stuff that is true, and this is often very difficult when you’re first starting out. With persistence and time it develops.

Writing a BIO is also good for getting clarity about many things. From your BIO you can also create your elevator speech, webpages, fliers, blog footers, and presentation introductions to name a few. Just be careful not to fall into the “narcissism trap”. This is when you oversell yourself to the point where the clients that you are trying to impress simply turn off.

Here are some things to consider for your Killer BIO.

1. Who is your target market? People are afraid to be specific because they don’t want to alienate or miss out on clients that they don’t want anyway. Read that sentence a few times to get the relevance of it. Be as specific as you can about who it is you want to do business with.

2. What are you the expert on? People want to deal with experts. Find a niche in the market and own it. If you don’t then somebody else will. This can help you with your business name, slogan, and logo. Given time it will become your brand. Your brand is your reputation.

3. What value do you provide? Laughter Yoga is not a value it’s a process. It’s what that process does for their people that they want to hear about. Talk about the features and sell the benefits.

4. What makes you different? This can be as simple as something that you’ve done, or an organization that you’ve worked for, that’s just like theirs. Better still, to be able to tell them about something amazing that you’ve done with a business just like theirs is ideal.

5. Are you the right “fit” for me? The customer wants to know if we’re going to get on well together. They’re actually employing you even if only for a short time. So how well do you interview on your BIO. A friendly happy picture never hurts.

If you have any further questions regarding creating a Killer BIO then please feel free to email me at mervneal@laughteryoga.org at anytime. Any recommendations for future topics are also appreciated.
Merv Neal is a Laughter Yoga Master Trainer and the CEO of Laughter Yoga Australia and New Zealand. He has successfully owned and operated his own businesses for more than 40 years. He has created a Laughter Yoga Business Training Program, as well as the Business Mentors and Coaches Program, to help others to take Laughter Yoga to commercial organizations, and/or to create a Laughter Yoga business of their own. More information can be found at http://www.laughteryogaaustralia.org or http://www.mervneal.com