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8In 1998 I met Jan Thygesen-Poulsen at a training event in Copenhagen. Jan brought the laughter clubs to Denmark in 1999 and throughout the year I kept receiving invitations to the Laughter Club in Copenhagen but it was never a good time for me to venture out on a Thursday evening to laugh with a 'bunch of loonies'...


UNTIL! The first Sunday of January 2000 when Jan organised World Laughter Day in Copenhagen. This was the day that went down in laughter history as the 'Happy-Demic' with almost 10,000 people gathered at the City Hall Square in the Capital of Denmark.

What an event!

I was totally inspired! So much so it took me a few years to act...
Well, I was more inspired than that but had a lot of other things that seemed more important at the time - like doing what I'd always done the safe way instead of taking a risk. Mind you, I had taken a few risks since that training event in 1998 and my life would never be the same but that is a long long long story...

England, then.

Moving to England in 2001 brought a lot of opportunity along and I started laughing on the phone with my friend Kira Bergendorff and with a few Reiki and Reflexology clients.
Kira's and my aim was to DEFINITELY start two laughter clubs SOON - one in St. Albans which is my hometown, and one in

Dorking which was Kira base.

Time flies. And 2004 was the year I started The Laughter Club International (UK) in St. Albans.
I have learned a lot of things since then - one of them being, ACT ON YOUR VISION AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAM!
The story of Dr. Madan Kataria waking at 3am, starting to laugh with a group at 7am - and following on from that March morning in

1995, well, the rest is history.

Since starting the laughter club in St. Albans I have not stopped and inspiration for new project sprouts from the network of people and likeminded souls who have a passion for creating the space for positive change.
Living positive change and living LIFE every day is serious stuff but it is tremendous fun when you follow trough.

That's me in a nutshell, Lotte Mikkelsen, Miss Queen of Laughter Yoga UK! Hahahaha...
'Be the change you want to see in the world' as someone with a beautiful vision once said. Be the laughter!