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Title: How To Laugh Your Knee Pain Away In 30 Days Or Less...

Everything in our bodies are connected to everything else. That is a fact of life. When we look at knee pain there is something going on in the knee causing it to squeeze close together and bother the nerves in the knee joint sending a signal to the brain that you have knee pain...

The same signal that goes to your brain letting you know you have knee pain goes through our central nervous system to get there which has two aspects. One is the fight, flight, or freeze mechanism (Sympathetic Nervous System) and the rest & relax (Parasympathetic Nervous System). When the knee hurts the body goes into a fight, flight or freeze response causing the bones in the legs to squeeze tighter together essentially causing the knee pain to get worse. However, if you begin to laugh this engages the rest and relax response in the parasympathetic nervous system causing the bones in the leg to relax as well automatically creating more space in the knee joint taking pressure off of the nerves being squeezed upon reducing knee pain...

Moral of the story: read lots of Dr. Seuss books, watch Robin Williams, and laugh because God has a wonderful sense of humor...and your knee pain will improve.

And Melanie will ADD ~ Do Some Laughter YOGA EVERYDAY in your own Unique WAY :)))))

Submitted by my friend & Knee Pain Guru, Bill Parravano


Love to Laugh ~ Laugh to Love,