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People have “regrets” when they look back and see that there was something that they didn’t do. So here’s the solution to having NO regrets. Don’t look back. You can’t change anything anyway, so why bother. Make a New Year’s Resolution now, to only look forward to some of the following exciting things that will happen this year with Laughter Yoga

Leader and Teacher Training

2 day Laughter Leader training will happen in each state every quarter. This will enable potential attendees to plan ahead, as well as know that if they can’t make it to one of the dates, they won’t have to wait long for the other one to come around. 5 day Teacher Training has been scheduled for each of the eastern states also. Check the LYOZ website for dates and details

Online Business Training

The 2 day Business Training can now be done Online. This will avoid you having to wait for one to happen in your area, and can be done at dates and times that suit you. So if you’re ready to get serious about taking Laughter Yoga to commercial organizations, and making some money along the way, then this training is just what you need. This training is also perfect if you want to create a business, or business opportunities, for any other complimentary therapies


The 8th All Australian Laughter Yoga Conference has been scheduled for the 4th and 5th of October in Brisbane. This will follow a similar format to last year, in that it will be held at a major city venue to allow for easy access, especially for those who will be travelling from interstate or overseas. There will be pre conference workshops, as well as a variety of training options. If you would like to present there, then now is a good time to submit your expression of interest

Yoga Australia Alliance

We are in the process of forming an alliance with Yoga Australia. More details of this will be divulged as they become formalized. Overall it will mean that there will be more Laughter Clubs and Laughter Yoga sessions happening in Yoga Studios throughout the country, as well as being able to claim Laughter Yoga under the Medical Benefits Scheme. There is a huge amount of work to be done yet, but as I said at the start, it’s something to look forward to. Laughter Yoga will be presented at the Yoga Conference in Melbourne on the 12th and 13th April. If you’re a Yoga Teacher, or in the process of becoming one, then there is some more news that will be exceptionally exciting for you also

Kidney Dialysis Research results

And finally, the results of the recently completed Kidney Dialysis Research Study will be released. This will give us some strong evidence as to how Laughter Yoga can be implemented within our health institutions. Having been involved with this directly, I can assure you that it was just as beneficial to the staff as to the patients. If you’ve been wanting to get into health organizations, but maybe having some trouble convincing them of the benefits, then this research will be invaluable

Keep Laughing and Enjoy Life