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After just over ten years of being involved with Laughter Yoga, I think that I’ve just worked out what it’s all about…and it’s not about the laughter. It’s about the benefits that laughter provides, and Laughter Yoga is the process that takes us there, even when we don’t feel like it. So I would like to affirm that we are all about Health, Joy, and Community. These three things are what we value, our values, and the value that we provide


If we refer to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definition of health, it’s more than being not sick. It’s the “dynamic harmony of the body mind and spirit, in conjunction with a person’s social and cultural environment”. So when we refer to our health holistically, we should be looking at our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. There is plenty of evidence out there about how laughter impacts of all of these so I won’t go over old ground. I will make the point though, that laughter is the only exercise that I know of, that improves all four elements of health in such a quick and effective manner


Much of our happiness is stimulated by external sources. We buy something, we do something, we see something, and we become happy. This is of course short term. Joy is all about internal happiness, and it’s long term. So how do we know when our happiness is internal or external? It’s easy. Have a look at the person’s eyes and face. They will light up with an inner glow. It’s hard to describe, but you will know it when you see it. Some people have told me that it’s an indication of a person’s inner spirit coming to life


Community is not merely about where and whom we live with. It’s how we live with them through our interests and attitudes…that is of course the health and joy. For folks who have been doing Laughter Yoga on a regular basis, and for some time, they have told me without doubt that it connects them to others, and just importantly to themselves

Enjoy Life