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Being a Laughter Yoga Teacher, I laugh for a living. And, what a wonderful gift it is to pass onto others. Laughter is universal. It cuts right across cultures, boundaries, religion and language. I have laughed with people aged 3 to 90 years old and with people of many nationalities - Kiwis, British, Australian, Canadian, Egyptian, Tibetan, American, Indian, Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese. It matters not, whether we speak the same language. I have laughed in hospitals, at rest homes, in people’s living rooms, in hotels, in dementia units, kindergartens and in airports. On the Nile, in Stonehenge and at Machu Picchu. I have laughed at the beach, in parks and in tiny rooms. I have laughed with people standing up, sitting down and even at their bedside. It is the one health giving, life giving activity I can practise anywhere, anytime with anyone. Since being fully involved with Laughter Yoga I can hand on heart say it is the most fun, exciting and rewarding career I could hope to follow. I have touched many people’s lives and know that every time we laugh together it lifts Spirits and leaves the person in a better state of Being. Plus, there are so many exercises to choose from which give people tremendous amounts of strategies to deal with the stress and challenge of everyday life. I am so glad that back in November 2007 I was feeling so depressed that I googled “Where is my joy?” And, up popped the handsome face of Dr Kataria! Isn’t it funny how life twists and turns so that everything is perfect? Ooooh… I feel a laughter exercise bubbling up. Let’s do the Hearty Laughter exercise together! Let’s open our arms wide. Open up our chests. Look up to the sky and laugh as loudly as we can! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Very good! Very good! Yey!! Last year, I wrote a book, specifically to help people with ideas and exercises on what to do outside of a group laughter session. The title is “Harness the Power of your Laugh! Laughing heartily today and everyday!” It is ideal for people laughing alone or Laughter Yoga Leaders looking for ideas of what exercises to put together. Throughout the book there are inspiring photos of people and animals laughing or smiling. See if you can spot the local Kiwis! This book is available in soft cover or as an ebook. Simply go to my website and get your copy today! Enjoy! oxo To find out where you can laugh with others on purpose for more health and happiness in New Zealand. Contact Lynda Andrews on 04 299 3066 nzwildwoman@gmail.com www.laughterpower.com

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