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Greece Gets Its First Laughter ClubKeeping stride with its rapid global spread, Laughter Yoga finally reaches Greece as it launched its 1st Laughter Club on 4th October 2008, at NAMA Gym on the island of Aegina, near Athens.

The club was initiated by Eleni and Vasiliki Skrekou Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers. They brought together an enthusiastic group which covered a wide age range and all participants shared one common characteristic: they were all ready to spend an hour of joy! And above all, they were grateful to the never-ending Spirit of Laughter.

The club has an active participation of members who propose to set up an NGO for all their activities and organize laughter seminars and workshops. Their main aim is to expose different groups of people to the joy of Laughter. Besides, they also plan to encourage activities related to peace and protection of environment though laughter which will ultimately culminate in World Peace.

To further their cause and promote laughter and its multifold benefits, the club intends to organize volunteers working on service to elder people, environment and other issues/groups in need of support. They also plan to offer free LY Leader training to people with very low income/unemployed/immigrants with the absorption of funding from the European Community and/or private subsidy.

With this new addition, this unique concept of Laughter Yoga Clubs started by Dr. Kataria 13 years ago has reaffirmed the belief that laughter is the best medicine. More and more people are joining these clubs and practicing Laughter Yoga as it has scientifically proven to be the best tool for physical, mental and emotional well being.