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11We all have our days when things are going so right! It feels like we're on a beautiful path and that nothing can get us down or stop us. These days are wonderful and we all love to have them. We wish they would never stop!

And then, we have our days where we wonder why we even bother... What we did to deserve such crap or misery. Even if the sun is up and sky blue, we feel lousy and we wish they would never begin!

Yes... it happens.

When I don't sleep well or if I don't feel good when I wake up, my feeling is that I'm being tested! Will she stay in that mood or will she swtich and be present to the beauty of the moment? See, I didn't say will she be happy but present.
These days are there for a reason. We are human beings and as such, we experience feelings, emotions... stuff!
So the challenge for us all is to pay attention to these days when we feel like clouds are surrounding us (even in a day where the sky is blue and not grey!). Thank the emotion or feeling and then start to smile. I'm saying SMILE. Keep doing it. The minute you find your face getting too serious or long, SMILE.

Want to bet that your mood will change?!

I've been testing this method lately. It really worked! I'm not saying that my day completely changed and that the worries went away completely. I simply noticed the beauty surrounding me, saw SOMETHING else than my worries and smiled at my challenges.

My conclusion? It's like you are giving yourself a beautiful HUG and you feel better... Try it! I guarantee you might just enjoy yourself then!

And that's a fact!

Be well

Your HAHA Sister