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Golden Moments Of Your Laughter Yoga Presentation

Ask any expert on presentation skills and they will tell you that people remember the most what you say or do in the beginning of your presentation and what you say or do in the end of your presentation. There are three main objectives of any presentation.

  • Information
  • Entertainment
  • Inspiration

Since Laughter Yoga is quite new to many people, the concept itself has lot of information for people to understand what is behind Laughter Yoga. A laughter session itself has the high entertainment value where the entire group becomes participative interactively and everyone participates in the exercises. Therefore it has super entertainment value to change their state of mind.

The most important part of Laughter Yoga presentation is the inspiration. Always save at least five to ten minutes to inspire people how to get involved in Laughter Yoga. Giving them some ideas about starting a club, joining a club, Skype Laughter Club and getting themselves trained as leaders or teachers. They can take different courses plus how to laugh all by yourself at home. As a presenter you must leave some flyers and information behind for them to take away so that they can get in touch with you.

At the end of every laughter session people feel energized and pumped up they would want some information to get involved.