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beth_bongarGiving Smiles Away…HAPPY THANKSGIVING

When people think about giving to charity, they think of giving money. They think the way to give to charity is to give that tax deductible check, or donate time at the local shelter or soup kitchen perhaps. But we can begin to be charitable with our emotions first.

Giving smiles away to others can be an incredibly positive way of giving to others! A smile at the right moment can make someone else smile or laugh. It could even change someone’s day. If someone is close to you – if you’re in NYC maybe you’re on the train, or in the mall, on the street – you can connect with them. It doesn’t matter if they are standing, sitting, walking past you, or in their car. The minute we make eye contact with others, we connect with them.
Eye contact is something we practice in laughter yoga because it increases human connection, feelings of wellbeing and happiness.

So, if you make eye contact, and smile brightly, and let the light in you shine, you can give something back to others, and to society. Happiness is not something to be hoarded, held tightly, or clutched privately. Happiness has to be given away! It has to be shared with others so they can feel your positive aura, your wellbeing, and your low level of stress, and your sense of positive energy. Happiness and peace is contagious – it brings about more of the same in others.

Happiness, smiling, being positive – these are actually ways of communicating. If you’re going to communicate, let it be with eye contact, with a smile, and with a playfulness. Life is too short to be so serious all the time! We literally add value to our personal and professional lives the more we smile, the more we share our happiness.

If you’re feeling down, here are some reasons to smile:

  1. You have the ability to read this blog.
  2. You woke up to live another day today, you can breathe and laugh.
  3. You have an internet connection and access to plenty of positive information – like my site!
  4. You have plenty of knowledge and life experience to be thankful for!
  5. You have people in your life who love you.

Never forget that you are loved, and that your happiness can change someone’s day – your happiness could even change someone’s life. Get happy – and give it away! It’s free, it’s contagious, and it’s a little charitable giving you can give to the world around you. You would be surprised at how happy it can make you to smile at others – even strangers – and you’ll never know how nice it can make them feel.