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Gibberish Tension Releasing
In Laughter Yoga we regularly practise the nonsense language of Gibberish.  It is a great way to release tension and inhibitions.  To express deeply felt and difficult emotions and like laughter it can be practised anywhere at any time!What are the origins of Gibberish?  It goes back to ancient times when once, there was an enlightened Sufi mystic called Jabbar.  He spoke so fast that his sentences had no beginning or end.  His words ran over each other, and made no sense.   His utterances were such outbursts of energy that his followers found it mind blowing.  This is exactly what he intended.  He wanted to bring the mind to a standstill.  To simply allow whatever came without knowing whether it had meaning or reason.  At this point the mind can move into the realms of the mysterious and spiritual.  He had thousands of followers because he was saying, “Your mind is gibberish.  Put it aside and you will have a taste of your own being.”When I am feeling particularly tense about something,  I get the vacuum cleaner out, switch it on and vacuum vigorously whilst expressing whatever “IT” is in Gibberish.  It works wonders and the great thing about this is that no-one can hear me over the noise of the vacuum cleaner!  Next time you are feeling tense, give it a go!

Another fantastic exercise is the Gibberish Tension Release Walk.   This can be done on your own or with a friend, partner, or maybe someone you have had a disagreement with.  It soon changes the state of feeling between you both.

To practise this on your own, find a deserted space where you can walk freely, this may be your living room, your garden, the beach anywhere that feels safe to you.  Have in mind whatever is making you feel upset, grumpy, frustrated, irritated and express this feeling in Gibberish as you walk a few paces.  Then, stop and raise your arms in the air and laugh loudly.  Carry on walking Gibberishing loudly.  Then, stop and raise your arms in the air and laugh loudly.  Keep going till the deeply felt feelings are all out.

If you have a person to partner you, start at opposite ends of the room or space, walk towards each other expressing yourselves in Gibberish, then when you come together, stop and raise your arms in the air and laugh loudly, continue to walk to the other end of the space, turn around and come back towards one another again expressing yourselves in Gibberish, till you meet, then stop and raise your arms in the air and laugh loudly.  Walk backwards and forwards at least three times.

Whilst in Egypt a couple of years ago, I had a profound experience using Gibberish Healing.  Our tour group had had a particularly tense day and everyone was grumpy.  We all had to get back on the tour bus for a few hours and no-one wanted to, everyone was complaining.  So, I decided to stand in the doorway of the bus and give Gibberish Healing to each person.  The effect was remarkable.  I could see people becoming calmer, more relaxed and accepting of having to get back on the bus.  Much laughter and giggles followed, with even a song thrown in as we made our way off to the next temple we were visiting.  It was at this point I realized the true nature of Gibberish.  It not only releases inhibitions, it allows people to become fully present and more accepting of themselves and their circumstances.  Just brilliant!

I encourage you to speak Gibberish, with lots of facial and arm movements, the next time you are faced with a challenging situation, and then of course, combine it with laughter.  As the old saying goes – “Better out, than in”   Let those feelings out, and life suddenly becomes a lot more fun!