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Fun versus Joy…and the winner is???n
Recently I attended a 2 day workshop on Play. It was run by an amazing (and highly amusing) man called Bernie DeKoven. www.deepFUN.com. Bernie has been doing this sort of work for a variety of people and businesses in a variety of ways for decades throughout the world

Games and Play

Bernie was quick to define Play as “the act of doing something for no reason which results in fun”. Now this really hit a chord with me because with Laughter Yoga we “laugh for no reason”. Fun is what you have when you laugh as a result of playing. Once again people will often say to me that going to a Laughter Club if Fun, especially the child like Play part. In contrast, a Game is a defined activity with a set of rules that CAN result in Fun if NOT played competitively. When the competitive side of “playing a game” kicks in there is often the absence of laughter…certainly by the losing team. Bernie showed us how to create Games to Play that resulted in Fun. The interesting thing was that the fewer rules the game had the more fun we hadn
The four elements of Joy

The Good Doctor has always told us that the four elements of Joy are Singing, Dancing, Playing, and Laughing. This is why it is so important that at a Laughter Club we have all of these elements present in it. The Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha provides an element of singing. The movement with the group is the dancing. The playing is the creation of the laughs. And of course the laughing can be fake especially if we don’t feel like laughing. So the challenge with a Laughter Session is to introduce as much singing and dancing as possible, while introducing new laughs without it being competitiven
Laughing Alone…with Singing and Dancing

For ages now I have been very good at laughing alone. I practice the Pranayama breathing, and will meditate from time to time. Just recently though I have been singing and dancing more and the change has been significant. Especially because I am such a bad singer and dancer I end up laughing. Give it a try sometimen
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