Laugh Like Never Before At Tucson Laughter Club

Here is an interesting report about a Tucson Laughter Club, Arizona, where a local yoga class has gathered every Tuesday since 2010 with just one aim of making people laugh. Laughter leaders Jana Martin and Loti Gest look forward to these weekly sessions as they can see the transformation in […]

Laughter Yoga For Philippines Students

In a recently published report, Laughter Yoga was used to welcome the new batch of students at the University of the Philippines’ College of Music (UPCM) in Diliman, Quezon City.  The hall reverberated not with the sound of music, but with guffaws of laughter, meant to ease depression. Paolo Trinidad, […]

New Powerpoint Presentation For Laughter Yoga With School Children

The demand for Laughter Yoga in schools is increasing worldwide. We have created a special PPT presentation which can be sent out to the school authorities so that they can invite you for a session. This covers why children need to laugh more, benefits of Laughter Yoga, three models of Laughter [...]

Japanese Doctor Conducts Laughter Yoga In Hospital

Dr. Atsumasa Edahiro, Japan: His belief in health and longevity through laughter prompted Dr. Atsumasa Edahiro, also a Laughter Yoga teacher, to conduct regular laughter sessions in his hospital, for patients suffering from various mental and emotional disorders. These sessions, which began from 2010, are conducted on different floors and […]

Proposal Letter For Corporate Seminars

We keep getting requests from companies to present 1-3 hours Laughter Yoga seminars and they always ask for details of the workshops. In order to provide them with all the relevant information, we have made a sample proposal letter. We can customise it for you, provided you are a prozone […]

Indian Research Study On Laughter Yoga Improving Lung Functions

Dr Sushma Dugad, MD, chest specialist, who is also a master trainer of Laughter Yoga from Nashik, India, conducted a research study on the impact of Laughter Yoga and lung function. The study showed a significant improvement of functional lung capacity after Laughter Yoga exercises. Click here to see and […]

Vertical Banners For Laughter Clubs And Events

We have observed that in many Laughter Club events, people are using vertical banners, which can be easily be hung on an electric pole or a tree. The other option is to make standees which are expensive and at times difficult to hold in outdoor venues. In Taiwan, Hong Kong […]

Australian Laughter Leader Spreads Good Health and Joy

Doug Savage, a Certified Laughter Yoga leader in Marion, Australia, loves to laugh at the most mundane of daily chores. He has the ability to change stressful situations into a joyous experience. Whether it’s on his way to work, cooking a meal or taking a shower, he doesn’t hesitate to […]

Laughter Yoga as an Exercise Program

There is no doubt our food habits and exercises play a very important role in maintaining good health. Laughter Yoga is a great exercise program for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. A. Physical Exercises There are 4 different types of physical exercises we do in our daily life. Cardio-vascular […]

Laughter Yoga with Seniors in Assisted Living, USA

This year, World Laughter Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 5 and it is a good reminder to take some time to de-stress by laughing. Dr. Tanya Gold, MD and also a certified Laughter Yoga instructor recently held a seminar at The Bridges Assisted Living in Riverview, USA, in […]

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