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Power Points on US Study

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Laughter Yoga – A Great Unifying Experience!

With rapid rise in people adopting Laughter Yoga as a way to good health and happiness, it has reaffirmed the fact that laughter is the best medicine and those who practice laughing on a regular basis feel comfortable, relaxed and safe. Laughter Yoga Atlanta director Celeste Greene conducts invigorating laughter […]

Women ‘Down Under’ Laugh Away Their Stress

Women ‘Down Under’ Laugh Away Their Stress Kim Tompson, a Laughter Yoga instructor in the Central Highlands, Australia, is helping women across the region to relieve the stress of everyday life through laughter. She started instructing them because she felt that laughter elevates the whole feeling of well-being and makes […]

Power Points on Bangalore Study

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The Difference Between Happiness And Joy

Laughter Yoga builds more joy than happiness. This is the core teaching of this unique concept, which enables one to understand the distinction between the two, as most people feel they are similar feelings of contentment and satisfaction. Recently, I had some new insights which further explains this difference. Happiness […]

Laughter Yoga With Patients On Dialysis

Here are three comprehensive studies which conclude that laughter therapy is a great way to improve the health condition of patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis, which is a life sustaining therapy dreaded by many patients, resulting in loss of control over their life and increased fatigue and unhappiness. Adaptation to the […]

Laughing Clinic For Toronto Seniors

Six years ago, I came to live in Sunrise Towers a seniors’ building of Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), in Toronto. Though I accepted the challenge of living among over three hundred seniors, I was lost among them, and was very uncomfortable seeing them sitting idle with hardly a smile […]

Williston Seniors Laugh Their Way To Good Health

Pastor Nicole Martin of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Williston, USA, teaches Laughter Yoga to a group of residents at the Arbor House Assisted Living, as she believes that laughter is the best form of exercise for complete body-mind wellness. As this unique concept incorporates deep yoga breathing with imaginative […]

Cromer Actress Launches Laughter Sessions

Cromer actress and hypnotherapist Beverley Bishop, recently launched a series of Laughter Yoga sessions Trimingham village hall, in Norfolk, England, as she believes that sharing a smile with a stranger is the perfect way to brighten your day and there’s nothing like getting a group of people laughing! After training […]

Laughter For Good Health And Healing

Here is an inspiring account of Khevin Barnes, a cancer survivor, who used laughter as a partner with cancer for his health and healing. Khevin Barnes:  I was first introduced to the concept of using laughter to create beneficial deep breathing ten years ago, before male breast cancer entered my […]

Guidelines For Laughter Yoga Session With Seniors 

Seniors can be divided in to two categories- First are those who have just retired and are very active, while second are those who need assistance for their day- to-day activities. They are the ones who stay mostly in assisted living facilities. Here are some guidelines which will help you to […]

Laughter Yoga Helps People With Chronic Illnesses

Pathways, a health resource center in Minneapolis, has incorporated Laughter Yoga to help people suffering from chronic and terminal illness. It is a great exercise routine to lower stress, boost the immune system, and trigger a rush of endorphins and feel-good hormones, which help such patients to deal with their […]