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Spring has come to St Louis and all the flowers are blooming! We have children who come to the St Louis Laughter Club along with their parents. Sometimes they are shy or don't want to participate. That is fine. Sometimes they love it and are very outgoing. Recently, we had a very outgoing 4 year old girl who joined right into the Laughter yoga with the adults. After awhile, she began thinking up pretend new laughs we could do. She said, I know, why don't we all be flowers! So I thought that was a good idea. I had some input in the process and this is what we came up with


Everyone crossed their arms across their chests, folded up. We all crouched down and imagined ourselves with deep roots into the earth. Suddenly, we felt the earth pushing us up, slowly coming up and as we rose up, our arms slowly unfolded untill we were wide open with our hands open to the sky in full bloom and hearty laughter! Happy Spring Everyone!!