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A recent edition of Newsweek magazine was dedicated to the Science of Healthy Living. In one section there were interviews with some doctors from Harvard University and they asked them their secrets to healthy living. Some talked about diet, some talked about exercise, and one said to avoid smart phones. And one doctor spoke of the importance of seeking and sharing joy.

"Patients (and their doctors) tend to overlook the impact of joy on health. It's hard to know why, perhaps because there is no number to follow, we focus instead on "hard" values for cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, PSA, etc. Those are all important - but so are relationships, personal fulfillment, and optimism.

There are plenty of studies that link optimism, happiness and joy with good health." He goes on to talk about the importance of good marriages for good health.

Source: Dr Harvey Simon, Newsweek Magazine, July 28, July 5,2010 issue.

Laughter clubs and laughter yoga can be an important tool for cultivating joyfulness. It can help you feel more joyful inside and once you find that joy, you don't want to give it up. Laughter clubs can provide a sense of community and connection. Many people who come to the St Louis Laughter Club are divorced, recovering from illness, or just new to the city and looking to cultivate some friendships. People come for a variety of reasons. The laughter club can be a vehicle for finding your way back to joyfulness and keeping it there. Besides, it is just plain fun! And it is good to play and have fun!

A laughter club member said last week, "don't you wish everyone could have a laughter club like ours!" And we do!!