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Fantastic Video On Laughing Alone By Dr. Kataria - Silent Laughter

On January 29, 2010, I got up at 5 am and wanted to Laugh Alone. The only problem was that there were guests sleeping in the house, and some people were praying in a temple behind my office. I realized if I laughed loudly, everyone would get disturbed, but I really did want to laugh in the morning. After some time of pondering over my dilemma, I thought the best way to laugh would be without any sound.

I tried, and it really worked well. I put my camera on my laptop and went on to laugh without any sound. All I wanted to do was to laugh all by myself without troubling others. This was an incredible experience and I realized it would be of great help to many who find it difficult to Laugh Alone. Keeping this in mind, I recorded this 'Silent Laughter'; quickly edited it on my Mac laptop and voila! It was ready. I was so excited about sharing my new discovery that I promptly uploaded it on You tube.

This is a very inspirational video for people who are apprehensive about making a noise and disturbing people around them.  They are concerned about how others would react to their Laughing Without a Reason and with no sound.  This amazing breakthrough of laughing silently really works well and is very easy for beginners who want to Laugh Alone and yet don't want to disturb others.

Please click on the following link and watch this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvAkyoA7l4U. You will learn how to laugh without sound.

Enjoy this very funny video… ha ha ha

Lina from Vilnius, Lithuania

I “found” the Silent Laughter when I got very upset with my boss. I wanted to cry and be alone. So I went to the bathroom, looked into the mirror and ironically asked myself: “so you are a Laughter Teacher and you want to cry, a?” The situation seemed so absurd. And... I started laughing silently. It was crazy but so great, deep, and cleansing. My boss was very puzzled when I got back to my seat as if nothing had happened. And it was true – I didn’t have any bad feelings anymore.

So I started using the SILENT LAUGHTER in my Laughter Yoga sessions (usually do it in the mid-session). I give the background story and encourage people, if needed, to do the Silent Laughter in some quiet corner of their office (kitchen, bathroom, storeroom) instead of carrying bad feelings all day and longer. To avoid only negative associations, I also note that the Silent Laughter is rather effortless and can be practiced whenever people find an opportunity.

People love it. Even the shy ones open up. You should see us – some nearly collapsing to their knees, some making kind-of-mouse sounds, some yelping, some looking as if they were going to pee in their pants, some wiping their tears, some doing all of these things.Until we cannot hold anymore and finally burst into a loud laughter.

A tip. When doing the Silent Laughter, I also encourage people to put one of their hands on their stomachs to feel the vibration from laughter. You know that when the laughter is “in the stomach” it is the HUE laughter (hearty, unconditional and extended), i.e. the deep and most beneficial one.

Wishing you many many laughters, joy and health.

With love,

Lina from Vilnius, Lithuania