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Dreaming with eyes wide open is called reverie - day dreaming and is usually seen as a passive activity. However when one is in a reverie of intention - seeing the present and future roll out before you - it is like walking down a red carpet toward your desired future. My belief is that Dr. K had a vibrant reverie of his Laughter University in his every waking moment and gradually it came out of the "heat haze" of vibrant colors into the bright shining day as a reality. I too will be in that reverie he has made whole. My reverie sees me in India, where he invited me to work with him. I will be there and in strong health, Laughing with my head back and my mouth wide open to the heavens:-) ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

Our internal eyes show us perspective. Even though life sometimes seems immovable like a mountain, we are as huge as the universe and as tiny as an atom and so can deal with all challenges by being one or the other. Simply looking into ourself and finding what works for us and what ethics WE choose to guide us is the beginning. Eventually we access our perfect spirit and the best way to find this joyful place is allowing laughter to guide us. Our pure and joyful spirit overshadows anything that might make us feel we are less than and so that mountain gradually looks smaller and smaller or we fly round it on the wings of joy - just like the tiniest atom too small for our naked eyes to see.
Tears refresh the heart and soothe the soul - washing away the heat of emotion. I give lessons in crying while laughing - laughter opens the soul and to allows the pain to flow out in laughter exercises, this bring on crying from the soul, for crying from the soul washes the spirit clean - our usual habit of crying from the mind exhausts spirit. Dr. Kataria and I did some of this on the phone when discussing my cancer Dx. We had a mutual understanding of how opening laughter to crying and then laughing on is cathartic. He experienced this when Maduhri was in ICU after an accident with a motorbike.
An "eye for an eye" was a restriction to only exact equal retribution - no more no less - it was not a direction to make sure you did equal pain to another - just the opposite of the way it is seen and used nowadays. My favorite way to deal with people who talk about their honesty and their religion and then try to cheat me is to tell them to go read Proverbs 20 v14 from the Christian bible, and then cancel the transaction discussion immediately. I did that selling my car - the gentleman was amazed and kept on about the church he attended - I watch out for those "religion on the sleeve" business people. I then sold it to a nice young man who came with his father AND I took a check - and sent them off with the car immediately. Oh yeah and they offered me within $50 of my desired price which was more than a $1,000 below value as I wanted to help someone have a car they couldn't afford. I immediately accepted the offer and we all laughed and laughed and laughed - of course I was the one who began and continued the laughter, they just found themselves unable to stop - the stress of trying to buy a car for two days searching and in what was now late evening - was released in our laughter. So then I told them of being a CLYL. They were surprised and said they would look at the site to find someone in their state. The only mention of God was when the man, on his way out said, "God Bless you. No one in this town would take my check and my son's old pick up died this weekend, he needed a car to get back to school." The check cleared the next day. Instinct and a desire to help others is a wonderful thing and I laughed with tears of joy as my reverie for the sale of my car was made whole.
An eye for an eye - I didn't go by that axiom and exact the fair price - I took less and the difference was made up with two hugs, faces wreathed in smiles and lots of laughter.