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Exuberance, Happiness and SerenityGoa, April 8 and 9, 2016.

Locale: exotic – the Lalit golf and spa resort.

Team: thirty top officials, including the CEO and the CFO, of one of the busiest airports of India.

Objective: goal setting.






Day: one.

Exuberance, Happiness and SerenityTime: sunrise.

Venue: an exclusive sea beach.

Activity: laughter yoga, body percussion and mind-body synergy.

Feedback: feeling exuberant!


Time: sunset.

Venue: closed hall.

Activity: guided relaxation, yoga nidra.

Feedback: feeling serene!!



Day: two.

Time: just before sunrise.

Venue: golf course on one side and swimming pool on the other.

Activity: breath shower, three deep breaths, gentle laughs and dynamic meditation.

Feedback: feeling calm and happy!