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Experiencing the One through Laughter
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Last long weekend I attended the Sai National Conference, the theme Celebrating the One, there were between 600 and 700 people from all over Australia and a couple of Presenters from other countries. I was asked to give a ten minute Laughter Yoga session for the entire conference delegates and then two workshops, one on Laughter and another different workshop which I did and they we were so well accepted that I was overwhelmed with the response. Because of the response I ended up doing two more unplanned Laughter Sessions one outside in the garden after lunch and another for the Volunteer works. Laughter Yoga spread that much Joy for the conference we really did celebrate oneness. For the entire weekend, there was so much Joy spread through laughter that I felt my heart expand literally, every where I went I was greeted by loving giggles and smiles. For me it was a very clear example of 'what you give you do receive multiplied', No alcohol, no coffee, no drugs, just the sheer bliss of Divine love and Joy thru the simplicity of Laughter creating oneness. Oh Thank you Thank you Thank you...............
Carolyn Nicholson
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