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1In Chinese society some people believe their name is very much associated with their fate. If someone wants to change his fate he will go to the fortuneteller to ask for a new name .Of course he needs to pay some money for it. If the fortuneteller is 'famous' and 'efficient ' it will be more expansive. I don't buy it at all because I believe the habit is more important . As soon as the new attitude becomes your new habits your life will change. A new funny happy nick name we choose will bring us a warm,positve mood and also gives the new members more private space at the beginning of joining the club. They don't need to tell every body their real names. Because the laughter clubs are totally different from the social club like Lion Club or Rotary Club. We come here for health and good spirit not for business.
Now we , all laughter club members in Taiwan ,have our own nick-name.
How to pick a good nick name for you?
1. It must come from your choice. Maybe others will give you suggestion but it must be your own decision.
2. It should bring you positive feeling. So it should not be dirty, sexy, political or religious preventing arousing negative reaction from others .
3. It should be easy for others to memorize and call.
4. It should be not much connected to your real name or life or job.
For example my nick name is 'OK'and my wife's is 'lucky'.
It¡¦s short , positive, and easy to memorize. So every body calls me OK rather than John in Taiwan.
Try it in your club and your club will be much more spiritual like ours. ha ha ha