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Susan Cuming

Certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainer

Registration No: LY-CA-101

Phone: 9055201316
Start Date: 27 June, 2020
End Date:27 June, 2020

Workshops & Seminars

Email: cumingsusan@gmail.com
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Event Details

We are learning so much about how people living with cognitive change interpret and interact with the world around them. As Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers, many of us are sharing laughter with local senior residences and homes where they may or may not support those living with this disease.

Would you be surprised to know that many of the people living with dementia or cognitive change experience sensory & visual changes as well? Balance & mobility challenges? Even in normal aging there are certain changes that we should be aware of when laughing with older populations.

Join Susan Cuming (Public Education, Alzheimer Society Haldimand Norfolk, Positive Approach to Care Certified Independent Trainer and Laughter Yoga Leader/Teacher/Ambassador) to learn about the expected changes in dementia and how understanding them can enhance your laughing program.

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