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Dany Creutz

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Registration No: LY-0049-DC-31

Phone: +491628504463
Start Date: 9 June, 2018
End Date:9 June, 2018

Workshops & Seminars

Email: dancreutz@gmail.com
Website: www.bodhishape.com
Venu: Danklstraße 11, Munich, Germany

Event Details


Lach Yoga Intesive (3hrs)


The Workshop entails:

1. Deep breathing Technics:

Laughter exercises are interspersed with deep breathing exercises to help flush the lungs as well as bring physical and mental relaxation.


2.Childlike playfulness:

The objective of Laughter Yoga is to cultivate childlike playfulness that helps you laugh without any reason, keeps the energy levels and builds enthusiasm.


3.Laughter exercises:

Laughter exercises are the mainstay of the session. They help to reduce inhibition and shyness and convert simulated laughter into unconditional laughter.


4. Yoga Nidra:

Guided deep relaxation with body scan (inner journey through the body). During the laughter yoga exercises, the blood circulation is stimulated and the blood pressure rises briefly, before it drops again at the end of the exercises. The muscle tone rises during the laughter exercises, then the muscles relax again. As a result, the real benefits of Laughter Yoga do not unfold during the stimulating phase, but afterwards during the relaxation phase.


For centuries, laughter was referred to as the best medicine for body and mind, but never was there a reliable delivery system. Laughter was simply the end result of entertainment or amusement, but Laughter Yoga has taken laughter to a new level. It is a complete delivery system, allowing laughter to actually be prescribed as part of a daily routine in order to realize all of the health benefits. It enables everyone to laugh, even those who are serious, introverted and uncomfortable being funny.


Directed by: Dany Creutz,

Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher & Certified Lach Coach.


Tel: 0162.8504463


Number of participants:


Date & Time:

9th of June, 2pm – 5 pm


Danklstrasse 11, 81371 Munich