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Europe's First Laughter Contest Hits Czech RepublicINTERNATIONAL COMPETITION OPENS PRESTIGIOUS OLOMOUC FILM FESTIVAL: The first ever European competitive laughter contest will be taking place April 12 in Olomouc Czech Republic as part of the opening ceremonies of the 48th Olomouc Film Festival. Competitive laughter is a new craze based on the rise of the “active laughter” movement where people trigger themselves to laugh contagiously.

The first contest took place in Montreal in October. The second in Tokyo in December and the first American championship in California in March.

The Czech International Laughing Contest will feature some of the best laughers in Eruope squaring off in a series of new hilarious and surreal laughter competitions. The winner will be crowned Best Laugher in the Czech Republic 2011.

Among the contests:

  • Best Diabolical Laugh
  • Most Contagious Laugh

The Laughter Duel, a contagious laughter face off, among others.

NEW TREND : Laughing contests are a new craze taking off worldwide due to the rise of Laughter Yoga and other laughter-based exercise trends.

The Ultimate Laughing Championship is the brainchild of Laughologist Albert Nerenberg who noticed that combatants in the actual Ultimate Fighting Championships often crack up during aggressive pre-fight stare downs.

“What if took that idea further?” said Nerenberg. “And let people compete in positive endeavours rather than just trying to punch each other’s lights out.”

“I’m a Laugher Not A Fighter.”

In Ultimate Laughing competitions, the winners tend to be people to bring the most joy and fun and contagious laughter to an audience.

A 54 year old house wife recently won the Tokyo International Laughter Competition beating out over two dozen competitors.

Nerenberg is the director of Laughology, a breakthough documentary on the nature of laughter, which opens the Olomouc Film Festival.

The National Post called Laughology “screamingly funny” stating“laughter has never been so thoroughly explored in film”. Leonard Maltin called the film ‘a gem.”

To enter the contest or

for more information contact: hey@laughology.info petr.fridrich@gmail.com


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