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Laughter Clubs are becoming increasingly popular all over the world as they have proved to be a great platform for bringing people together and helping to make the world a happier, healthier place to be.

The Edinburgh Laughter Club is one such club that takes the business of laughter very seriously! It has willing participants seeking to laugh themselves healthy. Participants do different laughter exercises which leave them feeling joyful and relaxed throughout the day.

Since 1995, over 60,000 Laughter Clubs have been established in over 100 countries around the world, drawing on ideas and techniques developed by Dr. Madan Kataria. These clubs offer a break from the business and stresses of daily life. They foster a positive spirit that engages and nurtures, with an opportunity for social connection that people might otherwise lack. And, more than anything else, they're great fun.

Laughter Clubs are based on the concept that our bodies can't tell the difference between real and fake laughter. As such, they encourage people to laugh without any reason and unconditionally. There is no joke telling and no comic videos. People just laugh for the sake of laughing, and what starts as 'fake' or forced laughter in the group session transforms into real and natural laughter. The experience is contagious, and immensely liberating. It also helps to release endorphins - our bodies' natural painkillers and mood enhancers - sustained laughter can have a positive effect on blood pressure, breathing and energy levels. The clubs also foster a sense of community which enriches the lives of those who take part.

At the end of the session the members are energized and enriched. There is a feeling of warmth and people are smiling, and all of it entirely genuine.

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