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55a2205294695lee slSimply by meditating and laughing every day, I have maintained my optimal weight as well as regained my health and happiness.
Working in wellness these past 5 years -- and seeing people in every imaginable situation and state of mind -- I have observed time and again that laughter truly is the best medicine for everyone.
One of the benefits of being a laughter yoga teacher is that we never forget to laugh; we get all the practice we need to maintain our health and vigor. hehehe! hahaha! hohoho!
Various health assessment checks and energy tests done during a 3 1/2 day detox and meditation retreat I attended a weekend ago indicated high levels of optimism and happiness, and generally good health.
For good measure, I entered the requisite data in online MBI calculators and received this affirmation:
"Your BMI is calculated as 21.9. About 26 per cent of women at the age of 53 are below and 74 per cent are above this value. Your weight is at a level that, in our view, should be good for your health. By classification of WHO, you are normal weight.
Your weight level is best if it remains stable. Your health-related weight stability is maintained with a natural weight gain of about 1 kilogram during the next ten years.
You are already in your optimal weight range. Losing weight would add no benefit to your health."
Very good, very good, yay!