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Do you want your life to be Different
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:44:40
Allow me to ask you a question before I explain myself, please.
How many times have you made the same recipe, it could be a meal, a cake, soup, anything, you use the same ingredients, the same procedure and it usually turns out the same or pretty much the same, Yes?
and also every day you may drive the same route to work or to the shops etc and see pretty much the same things and it usually takes the same amount of time, Yes?
If we eat the same meals, in the same old order, our bodies usually respond the same, Yes
So most of things we do most of the time, the same old things turn out the same, Yes?
so why is it that we think/believe/assume that something different is going to come into our life when we keep doing, thinking, behaving, in the same old ways, we have all our life. If you/I/we want something different to come to us, we have to change the recipe in our life, we have to change the route we are taking.
Today, while walking through beautiful public gardens, my friend and I decided to walk backward, just to shake up our bodies and minds, and also to walk slowly, more mindfully, so we could take notice and enjoy each moment more.
Ive decided to choose more carefully who I spend my time with, I want to be with people that make my new recipe for life, more enriching, more flavoursome, and so we can help each other create our new different life, and have a better future, a better outcome. Since Ive been doing this, my life has become More Magical, More Joyful, More Laughing, More Loving, More Joyful.
I no longer watch too much news and negativity. I want to focus on what I want in my life, not that which promotes fear and Lack. What we focus on expands in our life. So my choice is to Focus on what I want to bring in to my life. Gratitude/ Laughter/Love/Joy/Happiness/Peace/Abundance/Prosperity, wherever I see a chance for more of that, thats where my attention goes.
I am writing this at 3.30a.m., I was having trouble sleeping, instead of looking at the negatives, I am using the time for the positive and when I am finished. I will sleep easily and effortlessly. Tomorrow I expect more Miracles.
What you expect and think about long enough you recieve. Your thoughts are very Powerful things, I believe thoughts are more Powerful than words because they are there longer than the words we actually say out loud, so watch your thoughts, if they are not positive, change them immediately, cause your thoughts become your experience.
I wish you luck creating your new recipe for life, your new road to success and happiness, creating newness in your life. The choice is yours. Go on 'Go For it'..........Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha....start by joining a Laughter Club, the rest will be easy.
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