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9The 2013 UK Laughter Festival kicked off with the Laughter Network Conference in Manchester on Saturday 8th June.
About 25 people were listening in on some fantastic speakers and their shares of what Laughter Yoga had brought into their lives.

Dal opened with a talk about Laughter Yoga and mental health after having had her own share of challenges, and she was followed up by Simon and Philip who shared their story of living with bipolar and how Laughter Yoga had made a huge impression and impact on their lives in only a short time.

They would be running their laughter workshops and other events together as a team and although they had only known each other since February this year they had bonded and built a great friendship in the most amazing of times and with Laugther Yoga as a base to continue their journey together.
Reverend David was a character!

Adding laughter to funerals is his speciality - but not in a daft and disrespectful way, moreso as a celebration of life and what the passed person had added to the family heritage. He spoke with great humour and great compassion about bereavement and how laughter had helped his clients cope in the face of being left behind.
I felt humbled by the presentations this Saturday morning and a huge amount of gratitude be sent to Robin Graham for organsing this magical day.

Ultradian Rhythms! Now THAT was a good start after lunch when the 'graveyard shift' typically kicks in. Jo introduced the cycle of our energy levels and brain function - or how it should be but for most people isn't. It was a great eye opener and a really relevant talk.

Jo had been coping with M.E. for many years and adding Laughter Yoga and ways to combat the effect of M.E. had been truly life changing for her.

Finally I ventured onto the stage to talk about The Telephone Laughter Club and about the background for starting it in the first place back in 2008... Well, another person with health challenges who had benefitted from Laughter Yoga...

Now, the essence of this is that Laughter Yoga is NOT just for people with health challenges - even if it may seem that way!
Laughter Yoga is for everyone! It adds energy, wellbeing, great health and connection, it gives you resilience and a mindset that can cope with life's ups and downs. And it fits in where comedy just doesn't cut it!

Laughter Yoga is for everyone!