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Laughter Yoga Restores Confidence and Self – Esteem

According to an article published in ‘Resurgence & Ecologist’ magazine, Laughter Yoga has many potentially helpful practices and to laugh away one’s own fears is one of them. Regular practice of Laughter Yoga, which is simulated and intentional laughter, makes you focus on your laughter, which, with practice, becomes more […]

New Revised Leader Training Manual 2019

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Laughter Yoga News Coverage

New Compilation Of Newspaper Clips Worldwide

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Laughter Drive

Laughter Yoga International introducing Digital Storage Space as Laughter Drive

This new year we are adding a new value-added service for our paid Prozone members. It is a digital storage space called Laughter Drive ( You will get one GB storage space for one year with ‘Happy Membership’; for two years with ‘Happier Membership’ and for five years with ‘Happiest […]


Iranian Research – Impact of Laughter Yoga on Stress of Cancer Patients before Chemotherapy

This study was conducted in 2014 at Islamic Azad University, Tehran. There were 37 cancer patients with the control group and the researchers measured their stress before chemotherapy. The results showed a significant reduction in stress. To download the PowerPoint, Click Here.