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Laughter Yoga has become a way of good health and life for the residents in Noida, which includes mostly senior citizens, The Jalvayu Laughter Club (JLC), which started in November 2014 with merely four members, today boasts of more than 200 members.

Commander Ashok Sawhney, who was also recently designated as Laughter Ambassador of Noida, said,“These days every second person is dealing with some kind of stress. He further explains that managing life has become easy with this early morning boost.

“I have seen tremendous changes in myself. We all become a five-year-old during the session and laugh out our worries, illness, and, not to forget, age away. I feel more rejuvenated than I felt five or ten years back,” he said.

Experiences of participants:

Vijaya Sabharwal: A 68-year-old, a cancer fighter, was wheel-chair bound when she joined the club but after two months she started walking with the help of a walker. “Laughter is the best medicine. It has helped me cope with my illness. Joining the club gave me a new lease of life, and every morning I look forward to the sessions. Moreover, my doctor informed me yesterday that my cancer has also been cured,” she said. “I have been regularly attending the sessions for the past four months. Missing one session means I have missed out on something that day,” she added.

Surrender Grover, 73: Suffering from a physical disability for past 21 years, he underwent extreme stress when he got the news that his wife is suffering from cancer. “I was going through mental agony at the same time my wife was coping with the disease. Last year, the stress took a different toll and I started feel currents in my lower body. The condition became so bad that I couldn’t even wear my clothes. The transformation came when my wife brought me here for the sessions and now I can stand for more than an hour. I am a transformed person now. When I started coming regularly I could feel my whole body getting revitalized. I feel energetic and active now,” he said.

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