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Council supports community with laughter yoga
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:43:57
The first week in May Gympie in Queensland was introduced to Laughter Yoga. Michelle Rowe is an innovative creative council worker, especially in the area of community,her correct title is Community Development and Project Officer and the department is Community Facilities and Services for the Gympie Council. For the week of Domestic Violence Awareness week, Michelle decided to make it positive and called her festival day, Peace Begins at Home Festival. It was very well organised,and held at Memorial Park with a beautiful rotunda. Michelle organised banners and T shirts, in white background and lime green and great graphics. There were giveaways from the council, and marqees with information. Also a highlight of the day was another creation from Michelle's inspiration, the launching of the Gympie Mascot, named Bubble which happens to be in a shape of a square and multi coloured, she was a great hit. Bubble popped in and appeared in my Laughter sessions which added to our fun and joy.
The most entertainment for the Peace begins at home festival was three Laughter Yoga Sessions, so the community could feel the benefits of Laughter and learn how to use laughter yoga, to feel, to heal. to unite with the experience of joy and help to move forward.
Sixteen ladies who participated in all of three Laughter sessions also trained to become Laughter Yoga leaders a couple of days after the festival, then some of them also assisted in presenting Laughter Yoga at the Gympie show, we used this time to advertise their brand new Gympie Laughter Club.
The training was a wonderful time for all of us, we all bonded very early in the day, during the laughter we all felt a deep healing. I experienced the most wonderful laughter meditation I have ever participated in, there was a deep love, nurturing and harmony amongst us. We all felt this. What a blessing.
The most amazing thing of all is, Gympie Council paid for all of the above, what a blessing to all the women who participated in the training but the also for the community who have started to feel the benefits of Laughter Yoga. Michelle has begun the ripple effect of Laughter Yoga which will be ongoing for a long time.
I have never seen so many beautiful, committed, enthusiastic women in one room, I felt very blessed to be amongst each one of them, so it was no surprise to me, when they began their Laughter Club nearly immediatly after their training, and it is a success.
Not only did they have a Laughter Club, the fastest I remember seeing, but they also had facebook page. Wow I am amazed. They also have started doing laughter yoga as part of regular Health and Wellness day they have in Gympie for the community.
Also, because of the creative mind of Michelle Rowe, one of the ladies who did the training also lives part of her time in Buderim, so she has started a Laughter Club there, which has become part of the Sunshine Laughter Clubs group.
I have not known or heard of a Council anywhere in Australia or even maybe the world, who has supported their community to move forward in such a very positive alternate way. It has proven to be a Great success, Gympie is buzzing with the sound and excitement of laughter. Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha.
I am really looking forward to my next visit when I can laugh out loud with all my new friends in Gympie.
Gympie is a gorgeous country town in Queensland, Australia, there lots of hills, and not far away there is the coast where gorgeous dolphins live and visit us humans.
My visit to Gympie is the highlight of my 8 years of Laughter Yoga. I am thankful to Michelle Rowe for the invite and to all the women, who I now call my friends.
Please look back on this blog as I will be adding photos as soon as I can.
Very Good, Very Good Yay to Gympie.
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