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Corporate Laughter Yoga Session On SkypeDelivered by Jeffrey Briar via Skype

On May 2, 2013, an introductory Laughter Yoga session was delivered by Laughter Yoga Trainer Jeffrey Briar to a corporate client – entirely online, via Skype. The presenter was in California (West Coast USA); while the participants were laughing live in Connecticut (East Coast USA). The one-hour session was a great success and highly enjoyed by all.

The participants were aged 30s to 60s (male and female), along with one boy about 11 years old. After some introductory words, the webcam in Connecticut was turned so the Laughter Yoga Trainer could see the group. The presentation began with addressing the questions “Why should we laugh – what good is it?” and continued with “How can we laugh - even without jokes?” Participants offered ideas and suggestions, and the trainer embellished these with additional concepts and documentation of laughter’s benefits as well as the history of Laughter Yoga.

A solid session of Laughter Yoga exercises followed. Briar selected exercises where participants could relate from their daily experience like Credit Card Bill, Jackpot, Cell phone and others like Waving, Appreciation, Laughing for No Reason where they would not have to move around the room. He encouraged them to make eye contact with one another and interact playfully; thus the laughter very quickly became genuine and happily infectious.

Briar was also laughing during the exercises. Sometimes, he looked into the web camera, while at other times he laughed with his body turned, head and gaze to one side. A brief Laughter Meditation (seated) and a Guided Relaxation concluded the active portion of the session.

Self Evaluations were part of the program (participants considered for themselves: “How Do I Feel?” before and after the laughter session). These led to several heartfelt testimonials at the end. The participation was 100% and the session proved effective and was appreciated with joyful enthusiasm evidenced by all.

Three thousand kilometers’ distance can’t stop the laughs!

Jeffrey Briar