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Computer world
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia

If someone says to you 'its a terrible world', please do not agree. I would like you to comtemplate this. This is the only time in history that I know of (and I am not an historian, so I could be wrong), that millions of people are connecting and communicating with each other all over the world 24 hrs a day, on computers, we can watch You tube and laugh, Oh wow that amazing, if we are wqorried about a medical problem we can look that up as well, we can learn a language on the internet, we can meet people on the internet before we visit their country, we are spreading world peace every moment of every day. Now when the news is on, there is more of a chance that we may know someone from that country because of the internet, so there is more compassion spreadin the world.
We mostly only hear negative world news but there are always lots of wonderful positive things happening in the world. More Laughter Clubs are starting every day, more clown doctors are making people happy in hospitals, theres more and more Comedians all over the world, there are more spiritualy aware people in the world, there is more natural healing therapy now than ever before, there are more people meditating all over the world. We are more aware and care more about all other countries. There will be a Laughter University soon, how lucky are we?
This is the only time in my life that if I cant sleep I can get up and type something like this (Yep, one of those nights), the world is a Wonderful place. So make the world a better place, by stopping people in their tracks when they say anything about the world in a negative way because what we say and what we think about the world has an effect on the whole, lets only spread Laughter, Love, Joy, Peace and Positive thoughts to the world, lets appreciate every thing we have right here and right now.
Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, I send you Love, Joy and lots of giggles.
Carolyn Nicholson
(and now I am off to bed with a ho ho ha ha ha)
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