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1Anurag, my son, is pursuing masters in business administration at the Auckland University Of Technology, New Zealand. He loves sports more than study. Sometimes, when a sport enters the study arena, he gets intensely involved in study too!

During the course of learning about high performance teams (HPT), they are required to go out every week in the water and improve rowing skills collectively without the fear of drowning. This way they are taught not only the management skills that are required in the workplace but with the help of the rowing club they imbibe a practical aspect to it which amplifies their learning ability.

The compelling purpose of their team is to become a legend so that they create a benchmark which will be referred to henceforth to all upcoming HPT classes. According to management experts, compelling purpose is the driving force that pushes athletes beyond limitations, enables social worker to work for betterment of society beyond their own needs and make a soldier to protect others by endangering their life.

I was more than pleasantly surprised when I discovered this mention in his assignment paper on the subject:

“My mom is a housewife and dad is working with the national bank since last 34 years. Three years back they decided to learn and teach laughter yoga. Since then my parents have not only learnt and further developed this art, but have also spread love and laughter to school children, elderly homes and organisations. Being laughter yoga teachers since last three years, I am constantly amazed by enthusiasm and effort they have put in this field of their passion along with their daily lifestyle. Since beginning their fundamental purpose was to touch human lives by the power of love and laughter which enabled them to meet and greet people from different age group, religion and nationalities. These consequential factors were clearly based on a commitment to spread their knowledge without any profit motive and provided good health and wellbeing as an end result. After earning the certificate of teaching this art, their biggest challenge was to develop an environment which encourages people to join and become a part of their journey. Identifying the opportunities in local area was the first step which enabled my parents to not only spread but develop individuals who can be potential front runners to further spread the knowledge. With the right balance of challenge and clarity they have developed a network which has now crossed Indian borders. And with a clear compelling purpose I am confident that they will make their dream of travelling the world come true by the journey of laughter.”

What better testimonial can one expect? I shall cherish and keep it as a treasure all my life!

Jagat Singh Bisht

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Indore, India