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Carolyn Nicholson, Australia

It is the time of the 'comedy festival' here in Melbourne, I just got home from seeing two different comedians, while watching the first comedian, I didnt stop laughing, every line was funny too me and while I waiting for the punch line, or even for the end of a sentence I was continually smiling, so by the end of the hour my face was aching from it all, however my heart and physical body was warm, fuzzy and light. Oh what a Wonderful evening, Iwas completely alone at each performance ( of course I was surrounded by the rest of audience though) but as most people were laughing I felt connected to all. The second comedian was not as funny for me, but others thought he was and they laughed when I didnt even smile, this proves to me, the difference in our sense of humours, and made me wonder while driving home, where our sense of humour comes from?? the first comedian made m laugh more because his entire performance was more about the foibles of our personalites, and the funny things we do and say, that was more hilarious to me (because it was true) than the second comedian making of fun of different types of people, I dont like that, but then I can 'think too much'.....

I have noticed over the last five years since working with Laughter Yoga that my sense of humour has developed more, and I find that I do laugh alot more and a lot longer, when I am watching a comedy or a comedian, and I am also told that my laugh is contagious, so even if the people next to me dont like the comedy my laugh makes them laugh, and I love that.

I feel our natural laughter is a divine gift, and we need to appreciate this gift and use it often, not just for us but for all the other people it may touch, after all this is Madan's (Dr Kataria) dream = world peace through Laughter........ao lets start spreading it wherever we go......Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha

Love and lots of giggles
Carolyn Nicholson
Larfter Lady