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Ellen Mercer

Phone: 4059472653
Time: Weekly - every Tuesday 12:00 pm noon for one hour
Venue :Will Rogers Garden Exposition Center located at 3400 NW 36th St. Offices for Ingegris Third Age Life Center are at 5100 N Brookline, Oklahoma City

Third Age Life Laughter Club

Email: Ellen4jp@cox.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/142891133679/
Website: http://laughnow.weebly.com/laughter-gatherings.html

Club Details

Join us every Tuesday at noon for LAUGHTER YOGA.Will Rogers Garden Exposition Center located at 3400 NW 36th St. near the intersection of NW 36th and I-44.
If it is hot or rainy we will stay in room 2. By group consensus we will decide to laugh indoors or out in the gardens. If it is lovely outdoors we love to laugh and explore. Become one of our regulars. Some Tuesdays we go out for lunch together after laughter with a focus on new places in the area. Laugh Walk, Breathe, play, connect, enjoy.( no yoga mat needed)Weekly – every Tuesday at noon!
Sessions are facilitated by Ellen Mercer, Laughter Yoga Certified Leader, Teacher, & Trainer LNMirther@cox.net call 405-818-7997 if you need directions to find us.
Laughter Yoga is a FUN, interactive exercise of directed laughter, stretching, & breathing. The benefits of Laughter as exercise are numerous. It helps ease depression, anxiety, & stress, provides relaxation, laughter is a natural pain killer and promotes anti-aging! We spend 30 minutes laughing and breathing after a brief warm-up. Then 20-30 minutes of Laughter Meditation or guided relaxation. Anyone can do it… no sense of humor needed! Join us for a 6 week series. Start now!