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Sophie Terrasse

Phone: 6138429771
Time: From September to June: indoor classes Routhier Community Centre, 172 Guigues Ave. (corner St Patrick and Cumberland), Ottawa, ON, Canada. From June to August: outdoor classes MacDonald Gardens, a beautiful Ottawa urban park located close to Rideau Street (entrance: corner Cobourg/Turney or Charlotte/Turney).
Venue :

The Ottawa Sunflower Laughter Club- Club de rire Tournesol d’Ottawa

Email: sophie.terrasse@sunflowerinstitute.ca
Website: http://www.sunflowerinstitute.ca/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/laughteryogadurire

Club Details

Free Parking (entrance on Cumberland) Bilingual sessions No registration required Bring a water bottle and your warmest smile!
All activity coordination in the club is volunteer-based; a small fee serves to cover facility fees as well as to support “Le Centre Carmen”. Indeed, all benefits of the club are donated to la fondation Carmen in Gatineau* (center offering supplementary care to persons suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis, neurological trauma, etc).
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