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Lynda Tourloukis

Phone: 8474015787
Time: 7:00 pm PST Every Friday
Venue :Luminosity Wellness Center 2400 Tenaya

The Laughter Hour

Email: lynda@laughteryogalife.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lynda.tourloukis
Website: http://www.laughteryogalife.com

Club Details

The Laughter Hour is a joyful reminder of what it means to live well and swell. We meet weekly to offer exercises of laughter for an elevated attitude and improve our health quality, though along the way inspiration, creativity, hope, and a sense of vitality is stimulated. This club serves to offer Certified Leaders and Teachers of Laughter as place to practice and develop as well as stimulate the community to connect, collaborate and cheer about what matters.

We offer laughter in exercise, though also offer opportunities for play and games, singing circles, body movement and gratitude to stimulate the well being of individuals, families and our community. The club is always free and contortion free, though we ask a offering for the Luminosity Wellness Center.
We invite everyone and know all can participate.