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Olivera Radovanovic

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Phone: +38162263755
Time: 6;00 pm every Monday
Venue :Antona Čehova, Novi Sad, Serbia

Smeh Klub Novi Sad / Laughter Club Novi Sad

Power of now laughter yoga
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Club Details

Hahahallooohohooo… from Novi Sad

Welcome to our Laughter Club.

We laughed every Friday form 7-8pm CET since 2011.

But, as of September 2018. we laugh every Mondaz at 6pm CET at this new “Egsheg” Cultur Station – Eđšeg – kulturna stanica, address: Antona Čehova 4, Grbavica, Novi Sad.

Our Laughter Club started as Smeh Klub Novi Sad / Laughter Club Novi Sad on the 1st of May 2011. – the World Laughter Day. Since then we grow into an association “Smeh Joga Srbija” – “Laughter Yoga Serbia” on the 4.5.2014. also on the World Laughter Day. Our association is regionally – Balkans recognized.

We have had a lot of laughter and fun in our Club, and we welcome you to join us any time.

Until then.

Love & Laughter from Serbia

Smeh Joga Srbija