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Andy Uhlig

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Time: Weekly
Venue :c/o ThincSavannah , 3rd Floor , 35 Barnard Street , Savannah, GA 31401 , USA

Savannah Laughter Project

Email: andy@andyuhlig.com

Club Details

Meet weekly, usually on Tuesdays from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. However, at times the day may change depending on availability of the facilities. Check our meetup website every week for any changes. We are a laughter group with a twist. We practice laughter as a tool to promote health not only of body, mind and spirit, but also for the health and well being of relationships, community and the world. Anyone who feels stressed about personal or world events or other circumstances should join in and reap the benefits. The goal is to bring playfulness and laughter back into our daily lives, putting the important things and people in our life into perspective with our universal life experience. Consider these: 10 Top Reasons to Join Our Laughter Group:
1. Laughter is a stress buster: it reduces epinephrine and cortisol levels
2. Laughter strengthens the immune system: Lee Berk, PhD, from Loma Linda University in CA found that laughter increases natural killer cells and antibody levels
3. Laughter is anti-aging: It tones facial muscles, increases blood supply to the face, nourishing tissues and making the skin glow
4. Laughter is aerobic exercise: It increases your heart rate and is equivalent to any other standard aerobic exercise. William Fry, MD, from Standford University claims that one minute of laughter is equal to 10 minutes of rowing
5. Laughter is internal jogging: Exercises abdominal muscles, improves facial muscle tone
6. Laughter is a natural pain killer: Increases endorphin production, reducing intensity of pain
7. Laughter helps control high blood pressure: Reduces release of stress-related hormones
8. Laughter reduces depression and anxiety
9. Laughter improves bronchitis and asthma: It increases lung capacity and oxygen levels.
10. Laughter makes you feel good